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Greetings IMLCA

The Association
would like to remind members of our rules when it comes to the bus stops here
in the development. These come directly from the IMLCA Rules & Regulations that
were updated in July of 2018. (Article XIX, pages 28- 29)


All violations of
Article XIX are $100.00 and doubled for subsequent violations except when

The primary responsibility of the security officer, when at the bus
stop, is to assist with the crossing of children across Association roadways
but officer may also enforce the following rules when possible and appropriate.

1. There will be no
passing of any school bus while the red lights are flashing and the stop arm is
out, anywhere in the IML community. Fine of $150.00 doubled for subsequent

2. Every Parent/Guardian is responsible
for his/her child’s safety and behavior while at the bus stop whether or not
the parent is present. Any behavior that
would endanger the health, safety, or welfare of children or adults will be
considered unacceptable and subject to disciplinary action.

3. Everyone must obey the directions of the Security
Officer or other designated Association agent.

4. All vehicles are
required to remain in designated parking spaces until children have boarded or
disembarked school buses and the bus has departed for both pick up and drop off
times. Vehicular movement in parking
lots also prohibited during such times as school buses have red flashing lights

All day use of bus stop parking areas
by high school students will be allowed by permit only. To obtain a permit the
member must be in good standing, the vehicle must be registered with IMLCA and
the student must provide a valid student identification card and proof of
driver’s license to the IMLCA office.

6. Bicyclists must follow the
Pennsylvania Bicycle Laws.

7. There will be NO smoking
at any school bus stop areas.


This is a Publication of IMLCA

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