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As of the 2010 annual meeting, all Directors are at large until the Board elects the executive officers, ie, President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. After the election, the remaining three Directors are at 'large'. This means everyone in the community gets to vote for any Director position. As of the August 2014 Elections, the Board will be made up of seven (7) Directors, four (4) Directors from Carbon County and three (3) Directors from Monroe County. The term of office is to be three (3) years. Candidates running for the board opening must live in the county that is up for election and be a member in good standing. The candidates with the most votes will win the open positions. All elected to the Board of Directors, are dues paying members in good standing, receive no remuneration or other perks, and perform their duties on a voluntary basis

Ray Oldroyd- President
Re-Election 2019
Email: roldroyd@indianmountainlake.com

Mike Garber - Vice President
Re-Election 2021
Email: mgarber@indianmountainlake.com

Craig Lafferty - Treasurer
Re-Election 2021
Email: clafferty@indianmountainlake.com

Susan Hildebrand
Re-election 2019
Email: shildebrand@indianmountainlake.com

Dennis Brislin
Re-Election 2019
Email: dbrislin@indianmountainlake.com

Stephen Korte
Re-Election 2020
Email: skorte@indianmountainlake.com

Alex Vitti
Re-Election 2021
Email: avitti@indianmountainlake.com

A written message may be left at the IMLCA office for any of the above Board Members.

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